B2See Product Promoter

Award-Winning video solution that can be used for sales/aftersales opportunities, social media, marketing and customer satisfaction/reviews


We have always recognised the power of video, since the beginning it has always played a major part in the GardX Moto sales process. We understand that having a consistent, controlled approach is the best way to make sure the customer understands the features and benefits of the products, allowing them to make an informed decision.

Now with Fuel Digital B2See Video, you can pick up on missed revenue through the dealership. We understand the main reasons that a customer does not take a product; Distance Sales, Sales team not fully explaining the product, no product presentation at all and price.

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Fuel Digital B2See is a comprehensive automotive video platform that can be used across all departments.

The system gives you the ability to create and send personalized videos directly to a customer via email and SMS.

B2See provides the look and feel that you require, we make sure that your corporate identity is followed throughout the journey.

B2See has a comprehensive MI reporting suite perfect for tracking your teams usage and results.

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The Fuel Digital B2See Product Promoter module is designed to promote and sell ‘add on’ products.

How it works

  • B2see stores a fixed library of product videos and pre roll videos
  • The video opens with an introductory face to camera pre roll to the customer followed by a promotional video of the product
  • The video can be sent directly to a customer via SMS and email
  • Businesses can monitor each sales persons performance and activity
  • The customer can ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ directly on the video landing page
  • The customer can even pay for the product on the landing page through a 3rd party payment provider
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The Benefits

  • Post-sale, pre-delivery is an ideal opportunity for a dealer to reintroduce add-on profitable products
  • Follow your customers up with a controlled branded video, where your customer can reconsider the product in advance of collection
  • Product Promoter videos can be automated, meaning no extra work for your staff
  • The Product Promoter module is Free of Charge to all Moto customers when resoliciting GardX Moto products
  • Average conversion rate of 9% on all Product Promoter videos sent
  • Autosend can deliver an extra 10%* in sales of products from missed opportunities, and to make it easier, we can deliver these videos on behalf of the dealer through an automatic feed from their DMS system on a daily basis. This takes away any missed sales in a simple pre-recorded video with the product.
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